Arai-san Mansion Collection (page 4)

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Fennec on the 1st of September
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 text in bubbles: Carnivore: Your friend used the calendar, you say~? Carnivore: That’s dangerous, you know~ you can play hunt over and over again. Ufufufu…(laugh). You should be careful too, Herbivore-chan.

 text in wall: Minmi (Next to What? text) text at Herbivore: rub rub (sound)

  Speech bubbles are read right-to-left.

 Minmi: Serval’s catchphrases. Given that it’s in the elevator and next to a button combination, I assume it’s how you get to Serval’s floor.

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August ???th
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 text in panel: Friend?: aHahaHaHa! HaHaHaHa! Soooo Fuuunnn… (laughing)

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Raccoon-san Mansion■Theater
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Late shows are cancelled
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Movie Lineup
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■Adventure on the Volcano Island Hat-kun, Raccoon-kun, and Fennec-chan have an adventure on the mysterious volcano island. Full length animated movie enjoyable by children and adults.

■Lily of Sorrow A work depicting the sad, forbidden love between a carnivore friend and a herbivore friend. Contains scenes of graphic violence. PG-12

■Savanna Holiday A work showing a day in the lives of the friends living in Japari Park Savanna Area in omnibus. It’s just ordinary stuff, but the Friends from the savanna area get a strong feeling of homesickness.

■Space Slide Otter-chan and Leopard-chan have an adventure through space, sliding down a slide tied to the stars. For little kids.

■Giant Monster vs Giant Otter Corps

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Carnivore-chan and Herbivore-chan
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Raccoon-san Mansion■The corridor that goes dark sometimes
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Raccoon-san Mansion■The corridor that goes bright sometimes
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Raccoon-san Mansion in 3D: