Arai-san Mansion Collection (page 3)

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Raccoon-san Mansion ■ Jizou-sama
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 text in panel 1: Ezo red fox: Hmm..Don’t think there is anything scary here. Silver fox: Got a strange feeling? What’s about this place? There’s a lot of something though. Silver fox(bottom-left bubble): I wonder…

 text in panel 2: Silver fox: Yahoo!

 text in panel 3: Sound echo: Yahoo! Yahoo. Yahoo…

 text in panel 4: Sound echo: Yahoo.

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Arai-san Mansion ■ Totally not a mysterious floor

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 text in panel 1: Raccoon-san: Doesn’t look like Raccoon-san’s floor noda… Made another mistake noda.

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Raccoon-san Mansion ■ Friendly
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 text in panel 1: Raccoon-san: Noda!? The floor is submerged noda. I have to contact the manager noda.

 text on wall(all panel): “Cellar-02”

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Hardcore strategist Giant Otters
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Raccoon-san Mansion ■ Carnivore and Herbivore
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 text in panel 1: Carnivore: Wake up. Wake up. Herbivore: Mm..mmm

 text in panel 2: Herbivore: Did I fall asleep here again? Carnivore: That’s right. Herbivore: Sorry for always… Carnivore: It’s ok. Doesn’t matter how many times, I’ll always come pick you up here (laugh). (Speech bubbles are read right-to-left)

 text in panel 3: Carnivore: Let’s go back and play a lot. Play hunting game (laughing).

 (Translated text from last there panels) The panels are read from top to bottom.


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Increase your friends
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Emergency Escape
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 sound: Screaming; Laughing (last two panels)

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Raccoon-san Mansion - August 32nd
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 text in panel 1: Raccoon-san: Noda!? Somehow there’s August the 32nd on the calendar noda…

 text in panel 2: Raccoon-san: So I can have one more summer vacation day to play noda!

 text in panel 3: Raccoon-san: Great, perfect! My vacation continues again and again, noda!

 text in panel 4: Raccoon-san: Hahaha… Ah hahaha!

 text in panel 5: Raccoon-san: Nnngh~ Good morning nodaFennec: Good morning! And I’ve changed the calendar for you. Raccoon-san: So my vacation finally ended noda…? I’ve played for so long and I’m really really tired now… Can I have one more day to take a rest? Fennec: No way~

  Panel is read from left to right; Speech bubbles are read right-to-left.

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