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Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud or Neural Cloud, known as 少女前线:云图计划 or 云图计划 in Simplified Chinese, 雲圖計劃 in Traditional Chinese, 뉴럴 클라우드 in Korean and ニューラルクラウド in Japanese, is a roguelike strategy game from Sunborn and a spin-off to Girls’ Frontline. The player, as the Professor, must lead a group of Dolls called the Exiled in a digital world called Magrasea and save them from deletion by the Sanctifiers. Each Doll has their own abilities, upgrade them and build their base. Certain Dolls in Neural Cloud share their identity with characters from Girls’ Frontline.

The game released in Mainland China on 23 September 2021, in Global English on 21 November 2022, in Taiwan and Korea on 23 November 2022 and in Japan on 24 November 2022.

It is one of four games being made branching off from the GFL series.

  • Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud: This is the official name of PNC, of which, Project Neural Cloud is the name the game was announced with and what fans still call it. This is the first spinoff game, taking place just before the original GFL game. It takes place in the same world and timeline as GFL. However, as a spinoff, it has nothing to do with the story of the main line GFL games.
  • Girls’ Frontline: Glitch Land: This is the second of the spinoff games that was in production for GFL. Sadly, it has been shelved, given that the main developer left Sunborn in early 2022. The game was set to follow HK416 in a top down, pixel style game. Not much else was known other than a small promo video, with no idea on when it would take place along the timeline. Speculated to take place slightly before the events of GFL by fans.

  • Girls’ Frontline 2: Exilium: The true sequel to GFL, taking place 12 years after the start of GFL, in the year 2074. This game will be using full 3d models (not chibi’s) and do combat in the style of XCOM games. The Commander will be returning as who you will be playing as, along with their Dolls (and new ones of course too).

  • Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery: This is a sequel to GFL. A remake of one of Sunborn’s oldest games, Codename: Bakery Girl (which makes GFL a prequel to this game) The game takes place 30 years after the events of GFL, in the year 2092. The style of gameplay is a tactical turn based game, similar to Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics. CNB is being completely redone. Not just graphically, but also the systems to make it feel more like modern games and flow better.

On 23 September 2063, Persica digitizes the consciousness of a trusted Griffin Commander and send them inside a recently recovered backup of Project Neural Cloud. The troubled project was eventually lost three years prior when all research data was destroyed in the Wipe-off Incident, and the Professor who led the project disappeared. Using the identity of the Professor, the Commander must make contact with the Dolls who participated in the project, learn what happened and where to find the Professor.

When “the Professor” enters Magrasea, they find that the Dolls of Project Neural Cloud have been expelled from their original sector during the Wipe-off Incident and have been designated Irregular Agents by the Sanctifiers, who know aim to destroy them. To shelter the Dolls now calling themselves the Exiles, the real Professor created a new sector called Oasis, and built the Sandbox Barrier to protect them as they searched for a way back to the real world. More…

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Some one turn winning teams for Level 4:

Functions: Freezing Bullets, Structural Embrittlement, Desperate Raze

  • Dolls: Nanaka, Kuro, Aki, Angela, Hubble
  • This one needs really geared dolls, as the Aki will be tanking it all. Lots of DPS and Angela control.
  • To do this comp though you will need 9-10k whaled dolls with 5-stars and all else maxed.

Functions: Freezing Bullets, Structural Embrittlement, Coordinated Crit

  • Dolls: Nanaka, Croque, Hubble, Kuro, Angela
  • Shows that it can be done with lower powered dolls. With 3 being in the 6k range, Kuro at 7k and Hubble at 8k.
  • Placing only Angela at the top and the rest grouped up behind Croque. When Angela’s hurt, teleport her away with your first use of tactical points to safety.

One turn winning teams for Level 5:

Functions: Structural Embrittlement, Coordinated Crit, Deadly Blow

  • Dolls: Nanaka, Angela, Kuro, Daiyan, Dushevnaya
  • We’re ditching our tanks for this.
  • You can also do what I did and use Hubble instead of Dushevnaya. It will be cutting it closer on time though, averaging with 3-5s left.
  • You spam the tactical skill refresh on Angela like normal.
  • For using your Ultimates, you will want to hold off at first. Wait until you have two bars of Ultimates saved up (boss will be at 40-50% HP) and then use both Kuro and Daiyan’s at the same time on the boss.

For a full Mod3:

  • Doll at 5-stars
  • Level 60
  • Max Intimacy
  • Approximately 250 Neural Fragments for that specific Doll
  • 600k DGC
  • Approximately 9k A.I. EXP

You can make 10 A.I. EXP in the Factory with:

  • 300x Skill Data
  • 300x Prefab Blocks
  • 30x Blue Cube (or acquire it from events)
  • You will also need 5 cores which are made from materials you can only acquire from events (and black hole), or exchanged monthly with 500 Neural Kits.

So yes, you’ll need an EXTRA 250 Neural Fragments for that character among other things, even after it is 5-stars… Well, at least they’ll have their uses for going overboard (for at least the Dolls that have a MOD3). If you want to know what Dolls have an Arma Inscripta, iana’s tier list includes them in their own tab.
Furniture Sets

 Video Showcase

Here is an infograph of all the furniture sets currently out in CN as of 12/9/2022. Just in case you want to peak ahead.
Team Building at a glance
CN Class Doll Recommendation
0 Warrior Aki Highly Recommended
0 Sniper Hubble Highly Recommended
1 Medic Delacy Only if she’s your Waifu…
1 Warrior Hatsuchiri MUST HAVE
2 Guard Python (not Python from GFL) You already have Croque
3 Sniper Kuro (MDR from GFL) Highly Recommended
4 Specialist Sueyoi Specialized Usage
5 Sniper Daiyan (Type95 from GFL) Specialized Usage
6 Specialist Nora MUST HAVE
7 Warrior Magnhilda Highly Recommended
8 Medic Helix Highly Recommended
9 Specialist Puzzle ???
9 Warrior Nastica Highly Recommended
10 Sniper Zangyin ???
11 Guard Millau You already have Croque
12 Specialist Turning ???
13 Specialist Hanna ???
EX Sniper Clukay (HK416 from GFL) MUST HAVE

Note that Clukay is the first Limited Doll (not limited banner, but truly limited doll), in that she is never to be added to the standard pool of pullable dolls, like all others. Limited Dolls also cannot be farmed for fragments in your daily 10. You can only advance their stairs by exchanging shards for their Neural Fragments. So plan ahead. Clukay is heads and shoulders above all other MUST HAVE dolls.

Essentially, who are the stat sticks. The only thing that matters in the backline is straight up stats when activating the buff tiles. So if you are not swapping in your backline during a mission, picking Dolls that have a singular high stat is all you need to focus on. With that said, here are the 10 Dolls in a couple stats (including future dolls). I’m including 10 because you may want some of these dolls in your main party, thus they cannot be used in the backline.

< Attack > 662 - [Sniper] Hubble 661 - [Sniper] Chanzhi 633 - [Sniper] Daiyun 630 - [Warrior] Hatsuchiri 624 - [Warrior] Aki 624 - [Warrior] Vee 624 - [Sniper] Lam 621 - [Sniper] Simo 614 - [Warrior] Nascita 609 - [Sniper] Fresnel

< Hashrate > 719 - [Sniper] Max 689 - [Sniper] Kuro 683 - [Sniper] Clukay 681 - [Warrior] Fern 671 - [Sniper] Octogen 669 - [Sniper] Earhart 669 - [Medic] Choco 666 - [Sniper] Zangyin 650 - [Medic] Panakeia 647 - [Medic] Florence

< Physical Defense > 857 - [Guard] Yanny 827 - [Guard] Croque 799 - [Guard] Bonee 721 - [Guard] Millau 721 - [Guard] Clotho 709 - [Guard] Zion 662 - [Guard] Souchun 660 - [Guard] Evelyn 604 - [Guard] Python 547 - [Warrior] Betty

< Operand Defense > 841 - [Guard] Clotho 768 - [Guard] Souchun 751 - [Guard] Bonee 721 - [Guard] Millau 660 - [Guard] Evelyn 609 - [Guard] Yanny 608 - [Guard] Croque 598 - [Guard] Python 585 - [Guard] Zion 531 - [Warrior] Betty

These stats are all from having them at level 70. This list is up to date as of 1/8/2023.

Clarification on Rise+Sueyoi

Specifically in iana's spreadsheet, there is a note on building Rise specifically for use with Sueyoi. Asking iana for clarification on this got these details:

  • DO NOT level her 3rd Intimacy bonus that gives Skill Haste, or you will mess up this combo’s synergy
  • Use a full 3-pieces set of Delta.V with only ONE of the 3 parts having a Skill Haste Mainstat.
  • Have NO Skill Haste Substats.
  • Use the Deduction 2p set for the ATK SPD bonus

This is done to achieve as close to 25% Skill Haste as possible (taking into account the ATK SPD bonus and the 3p effect of Delta.V). You do this so that Rise and Sueyoi’s abilities line up just right. This is only used in specific hard maps in Black Hole though, so while being a very restrictive build, it isn’t used in many places. And it might not be worth your time. Rise and Sueyoi will also require very strict micro’ing to achive the right results. Stated again and again that this should only be done if you “are good” or really trying to be a “top speedrunner”, in iana’s words.
Strategic Overview Guide
Specialty Training Guide

 Video Showcase

 Video Showcase

The first Limited Banner in CN only just happened, one year after the game’s release in CN. The character is Clukay (also known as HK416 in GFL) Characters in PNC, if they appeared in GFL, are voiced by the same JP VA’s. This shows pulling on the limited banner, upgrading her to max 5-stars and then testing her out a bit. Her most famous quote from GFL is “I am all you need” and she truly is.