Font Awesome Sheet

Font Awesome can be enabled easily in DoIt theme by using Markdown, to give special attention to your articles.

Get the class of icons you wanted from the  Font Awesome website.

Here’s an example:

Gone camping! :(fas fa-campground fa-fw): Be back soon.

That is so funny! :(far fa-grin-tears):

The rendered output looks like this:

Gone camping!  Be back soon.

That is so funny!

The escape character syntax can help you build the content that you want:


The rendered output looks like this:

:joy: instead of 😂

The following table includes icons that are used frequently on this website.

Icon Code
:(far fa-address-card):
:(far fa-arrow-alt-circle-right):
:(far fa-bookmark):
:(far fa-check-circle):
:(far fa-circle):
:(far fa-comment):
:(far fa-dot-circle):
:(far fa-edit):
:(far fa-envelope):
:(far fa-eye):
:(far fa-file):
:(far fa-file-alt):
:(far fa-file-archive):
:(far fa-file-excel):
:(far fa-file-video):
:(far fa-file-pdf):
:(far fa-folder):
:(far fa-heart):
:(far fa-meh-blank):
:(far fa-plus-square):
:(far fa-minus-square):
:(far fa-square):
:(far fa-question-circle):
:(far fa-star):
:(fas fa-check-circle):
:(fas fa-cog):
:(fas fa-cogs):
:(fas fa-download):
:(fas fa-grip-lines-vertical):
:(fas fa-info-circle):
:(fas fa-link):
:(fas fa-lightbulb):
:(fas fa-headphones-alt):
:(fas fa-image):
:(fas fa-meteor):
:(fas fa-mouse):
:(fas fa-search-plus):
:(fas fa-star):
:(fas fa-star-of-life):
:(fab fa-github):
:(fab fa-reddit):
:(fab fa-steam):
:(fab fa-twitter):
:(fab fa-wikipedia-w):
:(fab fa-windows):
:(fab fa-youtube):